Cyber Protection for the Political Campaign Community


Fund What Doesn’t Get Funded.

The singular focus of campaigns is to get elected, often leaving cybersecurity needs under-funded.  US CyberDome applies donations to fund qualified cybersecurity vendors to help campaigns and party committees.

“Hold the Line” Today. Educate Tomorrow.

Campaign technologists need immediate help defending against the world’s most highly advanced adversaries.  US CyberDome supports and supplements campaigns with experts in defense and adversary behavior.  That expertise was gained while leading investigations at Defense Cyber Crime Center.  Future education will draw upon our background leading the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework.

Addressing Cybersecurity Addresses Dis-Information. 

The very information that sometimes gets weaponized within dis-information campaigns is often obtained via cyber attack.  US CyberDome reduces the risk of future dis-information campaigns when we reduce cyber attacks.

Sharing Ensures Safety. 

Cyber attacks are often highly targeted to a specific group of organizations; in this case, the campaign vertical.  All campaigns are safer when we safely and anonymously share cyber threat information between campaigns.  US CyberDome’s leadership previously developed successful information sharing environments for the Defense Industrial Base and now manage the world’s first and only Political Campaign Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations:

Just Technology. 

The US CyberDome charter is to ensure campaigns are free of political interference. We do not seek to shape the political process ourselves. For this reason, we are technically focused and non-partisan in our approach.