The Political Campaign ISAO (PC-ISAO) was founded to help organizations that are often in need of outside cybersecurity support – political campaigns.  Campaigns at all levels of United States federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial government are invited to participate.

Commonly occurring conditions within political campaigns create barriers for sharing cyber threat intelligence and collaborating on cybersecurity.  The PC-ISAO is meant to be a neutral and non-partisan venue where technologists can share critical cybersecurity alerts and best practices.

The PC-ISAO helps you get more cybersecurity for your budget.  We facilitate fully anonymous cyber threat information sharing.  We provide technical information in formats that are easy to read, but more importantly easily consumed by your technology.  We also facilitate connections amongst members on cybersecurity challenges.  Membership levels are as follows:

(443) 422-6778

[1] Remote support only.  On-site support for an additional fee.
[2] For person-to-person or campaign-to-campaign communications.
[3] Recommended for correlating security events associated with campaign cloud providers.
[4] Recommended for monitoring headquarters computers.

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